My Magic Mud - Charcoal Tooth Powder

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Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder

Activated charcoal toothpowder, an old fashioned remedy that really delivers amazing results!

My Magic Mud a ready to use tooth powder that whitens your teeth with the power of activated charcoal and three other super natural ingredients.  You will be hard pressed to find such a simple, ready to use dentifrice that really works.

One jar is enough for approximately 150 applications, about a three month supply and complete and user friendly instructions.

Ingredients: coconut shell activated charcoal, calcium bentonite clay (made with living clay), organic orange peel powder extract, organic mint extract powder.

1.06 ounce jar

See what dentists are saying about it below!

"I am a Biological Dentist and “My Magic Mud” is a product I use being that it is 100% all natural."
Merrily M. Sandord, DDS

"I’ve used all kinds of different toothpastes, herbals, naturals, everything, mouth rinses, nothing is this effective."
Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD

"My Magic Mud gives my teeth the look and feel of just having received a professional cleaning."
Stafford G. Conly, Jr. DDS

"My Magic Mud is the most natural dentifrice on the market."
Donald Newman, DDS