NEW! Simple Charcoal Eye Pillow - Reusable

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Now available as a simple eye pillow without the straps or zipper.

Now available as a simple eye pillow without the straps or zipper.

Simply steam in a vegetable steamer or dampen or mist with pure water and put in fridge or freezer for a cold application when your eyes are weary and sore.

So easy to use for almost instant relief from sore, computer or TV weary eyes. Ideal for many eye conditions.

Made with all organic, un-dyed, pure 100% natural cotton (American grown and woven.)

Pre-washed (non-chlorinated water, no soaps/detergents)

Just use a damp cloth with water only to spot clean.


Your new eye pillow will easily be effective for three to six months or longer when used on a daily basis. However, if you have an eye condition, then we recommend using it for only two months and then replacing with a new eye pillow.

Best stored in a glass jar with a tight lid.

Charcoal House Simple Charcoal Eye Pillow

A Super Natural Remedy!


Your new eye pillow poultice is a soothing NATURAL remedy for tired, inflamed eyes, pink eye, infections, and computer-weary eyes.  This REUSABLE ready made eye poultice (pillow) has been pre-washed (in non-chlorinated water only) and pre-shrunk. The eye pad is made of a soft organic cotton (American grown and woven) and contains a proprietary blend of granulated food grade coconut shell activated charcoal.




Your eye pillow can be used moist or dry, hot or cold.


To Use Moist: The eye pillow may be steamed in a vegetable steamer for 1-2 minutes. Remove the pillow/poultice from steamer and let cool slightly. When comfortable to the bare hand, place over your eyes while sitting in your favorite chair or lying down on your back in bed. For best results, leave on for a minimum of 30- 40 minutes, the longer the better, you can leave on all night if you like.


 Cold Application: Steam eye pillow as above, steaming longer if you like to get the charcoal really moist.  Let eye pillow cool to touch and then transfer to the fridge or freezer. Leave in for at least 30 minutes or as long as you like and then apply as needed. You may also keep it in the fridge in a glass jar with a tight lid.


To Use Dry:  Simply put the eye pillow over your eyes and sit back in your favorite chair or go to bed with it on and wear it all night if you are a still sleeper. Though traditionally charcoal is used moist for poultices, the granular charcoal in your eye mask affords you the choice of moist or dry and it will work dry, although it does work best when moist. You will find that the dry eye pillow is lighter weight, which some people prefer.  Moist or dry, you may even find that you experience a deeper sleep as it shuts out light that can interfere with sleep while removing toxins at the same time.


IMPORTANT: Because charcoal has been known to pull foreign objects from the body, it is not recommended for use for those who have had cataract surgery. Consult a medical doctor before using if you have a serious eye condition.  Also, do NOT heat in the microwave.




Depending on use, the charcoal will last approximately three to six months or even more when just using for computer, TV, weary eyes and no actual eye condition. When using for a known eye disease, it is recommended to replace the eye pillow every two months.


To wash the eye pillow, since this is not a refillable eye pad, we recommend spot washing only with a clean rag, using only water.


When not using, put the eye pillow back in the ziplock bag it came in or a sealed container. A glass jar with a tight fitting lid is best. If left open to the air when you are not using it, the eye pillow can absorb odors from the room, which will cause the charcoal to be used up more quickly.


As mentioned above, you can also keep your eye pillow in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid in the fridge or freezer, ready for a cold and soothing application which oftentimes brings seemingly instant relief.


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