Miracle Horse Salve

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Edible, spreadable, Veterinarian approved, activated charcoal salve that is a miracle in a jar.  If you just have one thing in your First Aid Box, this should be it!

Designed for horses but can be used on all animals.  You can give it orally for poison, scours, colic or other digestive problems, or you can apply it topically for wounds and sores of all kinds. Being that it can be taken internally, you can use it for mouth and gum sores.  It is even safe for human consumption.

It is always ideal to be able to bandage the wound or sore on the animal, but that is not always practical or possible. When you cannot bandage, just apply generously and if the animal licks it off, no problem, it is good for removing internal toxins. You will however, have to reapply, but you do not have to remove what you put on previously, just apply on top of what is already there.

Miracle Horse Salve, which main ingredient is activated charcoal, is veterinarian approved, vegan and 100% natural.  Below is a list of ailments that Miracle Horse Salve works well for:


Allergic Reactions, Snake Bites

Bee stings,

Brown Recluse Spider Bite



Fungus, Thrush

Hives, Ulcerations

Hot Spots


Laminitis, White Line

Leeches/Pythiosis/Swamp Cancer

MRSA wounds

Mud Fever

Poison Ivy,

Proud Flesh

Ring Worm


Skin Dermatitis,

Summer Sores

Sweet Itch, Muck Itch,



Ingredients:High Activity Activated Charcoal, (NSF Certified Food Grade), Organic Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Antioxidants, Polyphenols, Amino Acids, Electrolytes, Enzymes, Olive Oil, Sea Salt. VEGAN Safe for human consumption and application.