Real Montana Charcoal

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100% Real Montana Natural Lump Charcoal – discover healthy cooking with healthy flavors - Pecan, Cherry, and Apple. Natural lump charcoal lights easily and is usually ready for grilling in 10-15 minutes with NO artificial chemical odors or flavors in small quantities by the Montana Man.

As they say, "Taste the difference!"

Real Montana Charcoal is what all health conscious barbecue connoisseurs are turning to. Who wants to go to all the expense and time to prepare a tasty backyard meal only to have it tainted with toxic hydrocarbons from the artificial lighter fluids used in the popular name brand bbq grill charcoal.
Even if you can ignore the health risks of chemically tainted bbq foods, what about the taste? Isn’t that the main reason you go to all that time and expense to invite you friends and tease your neighbors taste buds – the TASTE!

Well, with Real Montana Charcoal you do miss the chemical poisons and the lighter fluid taste, but what you get is that mouth watering natural flavor of food prepared the way your grandfather used to serve it up.

Real Montana Natural Lump Charcoal comes in 3 flavors:

PECAN - If you are not sure what to try first, start here as the pecan is considered the superior smoking wood. Pecan is sweet and mild with a flavor quite similar to hickory. It's tasty with a subtle character, excellent with poultry, beef, pork, cheese, and veggies.
APPLE - Very mild with a subtle fruity flavor, slightly sweet.

SWEET CHERRY – A mild and fruity flavor, excellent with poultry and pork.

Start up time and burn time varies with each wood species, but most are ready to cook over in 10-15 minutes, and all start easily.

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