Activated Charcoal For Filters

Because of activated charcoal's incredible adsorption ability, it is an ideal choice for air and water filters. When used appropriately, charcoal filters will effectively clean the air and water by electrostatically binding pollutants to its vast surface area. Many people use activated charcoal filters in outdoor ponds and aquariums to keep the water clean and the marine life healthy.

Many of us strive to live in a chemical-free world, but doing so is not always easy. Many of the contaminants that we come into contact with on a daily basis actually come from our homes--a place that is supposed to be a safe haven for ourselves and our families. The more we can do to eliminate these chemicals from our lives, the healthier we will all be.

Bulk Activated Charcoal for Water & Air Filters

Are you looking for activated charcoal for your water and air filters? Our one-stop shop for activated charcoal is all you need! Whether you are recharging a water filter for a fish aquarium or a swimming pool, or looking for a special activated charcoal to remove mercury vapors or to adsorb radon gas, we can supply you with the right activated charcoal in bulk quantities at bulk prices. Be sure to review the Data Sheets and Particle Size Chart to find the right activated charcoal for your needs.

We sell a variety of activated charcoal products that will help you keep your family, pets, and workplace healthy and chemical free. Activated charcoal is one of nature's best filters, making it ideal for many uses. Read about some of the benefits of activated charcoal on our website and see how it can positively impact your life.

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