Activated Charcoal For Water Filters

The superior adsorption qualities of activated charcoal make it a popular choice for water filters. These filters are typical in the homes of people who prefer the taste and health benefits of drinking pure, contaminant-free water. When the water passes through the charcoal filter, the impurities are caught in the charcoal's deep pores, trapping them there until the filter is replaced.

We sell granular activated charcoal that is ideal for use in rechargeable water filters. Whether you want to filter your tap water, clean a swimming pool, or find an effective aquarium filter, this high-quality charcoal will give you the results you're looking for. If you're looking to save money, purchase the activated charcoal in bulk quantities of up to 55 pounds, keeping the cost of shipping to a minimum.

Activated Charcoal for Water Filters

Although activated charcoal water filters can be purchased, some people prefer to make their own. Not only are homemade water filters inexpensive, but they can be a lifesaver when camping or if an emergency situation strikes. Just be sure to use the same high-quality granular charcoal that is used in a traditional water filter, so you can be confident that the water you're drinking is safe.

We pride ourselves on our diverse selection of activated charcoal products, which includes everything from charcoal tablets to socks and mattress pads. Visit our site and you will find products that will remove odors, eliminate gas, decontaminate your soil, and treat scorpion bites. Use our SEARCH tool to find detailed information on charcoal's many other uses and health benefits.

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