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Charcoal does much more than purify your air and water—charcoal powder is also an active ingredient in many health and beauty products. For instance, you can use charcoal powder to create tooth powder, facial masks and cleansers, or soap.

At Charcoal House®, we offer charcoal powder made from bamboo, coconut shell, or hardwood. With us, you can always find the right grade and type of activated charcoal powder for your needs. Plus, we make it easy for you to order the right size of product at the right price.  

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Do you want ultra-fine, non-gritty coconut activated charcoal powder to make an all-natural face mask at home? Or do you need hardwood activated charcoal powder to create luxurious homemade soap? Either way, we have the product for you.  

We also offer activated charcoal powder for pet owners who need a quick and easy antidote for accidental poisoning around the home. Activated charcoal powder also eliminates pet odor from birds, dogs, and cats alike.

For those wanting to mix up a Charcoal Poultice we also have Organic Flax Seed and Psillium Husk Powder

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Our primary goal is to bring together effective, healthy products at affordable prices. After all, we all deserve to be healthy, even if we are not so wealthy. Browse our charcoal powder products below to see our prices and sizes. Have questions? Feel free to get in touch with our Customer Service team. Purify Your World®

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