Activated Charcoal For Poison Control

Every 14 seconds, a Poison Control Center in the United States receives a call for help. It may not be something we like to think about, but real dangers lurk in our homes. With 89 percent of poisonings taking place at home, it is a threat to be taken seriously.

Whether you have small children at home, keep pets, or live alone, it is smart to be prepared for an accidental poisoning. The key is to act fast when someone has been exposed to a potentially harmful substance. Whether it be a cleaning agent, cosmetics, or insecticide, these poisons have the potential to kill if you don't act quickly.

Protect Your Family with Activated Charcoal for Poison Control

A common and effective treatment for poison control is activated charcoal. A well-known detoxification agent, it is used daily in hospitals and recommended by Poison Control Centers to treat poisoning emergencies. By having activated charcoal on hand, you'll be able to act quickly when you or a loved one is in danger.

We sell the same USP food-grade charcoal that hospitals use every day. The charcoal can be purchased in either capsule or powder form depending on your preference. In addition to having it available in case of a poisoning, activated charcoal is beneficial for a host of other emergencies as well, many of which you'll find on our website. Take some time to browse now and see what activated charcoal can do for you.

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