Refill for Soothing Charcoal Eye Mask & Simple Eye Pad Pillow

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Charcoal Insert for Refillable Eye Mask or Simple Eye Pad

Soft organic cotton and charcoal insert, for Refillable Eye Mask. Filled with a proprietary blend of coconut shell activated charcoal granular.
However....this may also double as a plain jane version of our Simple Eye Pad.
A Simple Eye Pillow without the straps or zipper.

Simply steam in a vegetable steamer or dampen with pure water and put in fridge or freezer for a cold application when your eyes are weary and sore.
Or, you can run under Hot, Warm or Cool water (your preference, I like it really warm, it feels so good), squeeze out really well and place over your eyes, the longer the better, overnight is ideal. I often will put a dry washcloth to keep the heat in as long as possible. If it is hot, it will cool fairly quickly, but that is OK.

Made with all organic, un-dyed, pure 100% natural cotton (American grown and manufactured organically)

Pre-washed (non-chlorinated water, no soaps/detergents)

Hang to dry when using each night. If you use only occasionally, then after drying, store in plastic baggie or sealed glass jar, such as a mason jar).

Your new refill/eye pillow will easily be effective up to six months when used on a daily basis. However, if you have an eye condition, then we recommend using it every two months.
Made in USA

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