Totally Scents-Less™ Extra Large Incontinence Over-Pad

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Highly effective Activated Charcoal Pad to be used with disposable incontinence pads.  Simply place incontinence pad on top of Activated Charcoal pad and never worry again about embarrassing odors due to urinary or fecal incontinence.  A must have for anyone who suffers from incontinence.

Many times we are asked 'do you have an incontinence pad?' Well, yes and no! The White Disposable pad you see here is NOT included. You will just continue to buy disposable pads to USE WITH the Activated Charcoal Pad seen here.

Simply place the disposable pad upon this highly effective activated charcoal incontinence pad and you will not have to worry the rest of the day if you have urinary or fecal incontinence.  The Activated Charcoal Incontinence Pad will adsorb the odors emanating from the incontinence pad.

Today, over 13 million Americans suffer from incontinence of the bladder or the colon, with 11 million being women.  There are many reasons that people suffer from incontinence and they are not all age related. Whether it is caused from medications, pregnancy, IBS, urinary tracts infections, etc., the incontinence which is a result of the symptoms, can be most humiliating to say the least.  Whether you are working in an office or close quarters, commuting on planes or trains, this is a must have for anyone experiencing incontinence.

With the Totally Scents-Less™ Extra Large Incontinence Pad you can spend your day in quiet confidence and keep your dignity when incontinence happens. Of course for hygiene's sake, you will want to change your soiled disposable pad as soon as possible, yet with dignity and grace you can excuse yourself and no one will ever guess why.

Simple, affordable, washable and reusable. Generally lasts several weeks depending on use. 

Customizable, easy to follow directions. 10 strips of double adhesive tape included.

Active ingredient is Activated Charcoal Cloth, an inert, non toxic material. Exterior cloth is polyester fabric.




Wash by hand only with sodium bicarbonate, about a half tsp

  Maximum water temperature 105°F/ 40°C



Hang to dry. Once dry put back into your protective pouch.



  Do not use bleach

  Iron at lower temperature setting

  Do not dry clean

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