Pure Non-Scents® Heart Odor Eliminator Sachet, Made from Organic Grown Cotton & Activated Charcoal

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A non-toxic heart filled with Pure Non-Scents® Activated Charcoal to indiscreetly remove offensive odors. Made with organic, color grown cotton that has been grown, manufactured, prewashed in non-chlorinated water and made with love, right here in the USA. 

1 per package

Love your space odor free? Then this heart’s for you!  Made with prewashed, organic color grown cotton (no dyes, no chemicals, soaps, think Pure Non-Scents®) grown  and manufactured in the USA.  We had the chemically sensitive in mind when making these, but know everyone will love them!  Hang your non-toxic heart wherever there is a stinky, chemical, perfume, smoky, just downright nasty smells with a loving touch and no one will even know what you are up to!

This heart is true and is not a cover up, the material and the Pure Non-Scents® Activated Charcoal inside is odor free and will adsorb the offensive odors indiscreetly. So now when you are in a stinky situation you can spread the love and breathe purely.

3 oz Pure Non-Scents in each sachet

Measures 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". The loop measured as a straight line is 1 1/4".

Ideal for cars, office cubicles, closets, refrigerators, bathrooms, baby’s room, gym bags, lockers, chests, the list is endless.