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LAMINATED - Knitted Activated Carbon Cloth

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LAMINATED Activated Carbon Cloth is made with one layer of knitted activated carbon cloth laminated to one layer of durable padded fleece fabric.

SINGLE LAMINATED Activated Carbon Cloth for air and water purification, gas masks, artifact protection, ODOR control, and more.
Can be used in odor adsorbing clothing, military-grade clothing, gloves, integration into insoles. Another one that seems to be popular for the moment are odor trapping bags, this has largely been fuelled by the newly-legal marijuana market in places like Colorado and Washington, but it could also be used in a gym bags, for example, to keep the bag from becoming smelly over time. 
Because the cloth is permeable and breathable, it also used in wound care products, in medical apparel for physician gowns and patient clothing in the healthcare industry. This fabric also provides efficient and effective odor control in consumer apparel which includes odor control underwear, denim, and pajamas.
This is a knitted material and very durable. Laminated to a padded fleece material.

Comes 39” wide, durable, has some stretch to it, will stretch slightly without ripping.

Also comes in Double Laminated Fabric.

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