GREENFEET 3 Charcoal Insole

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The perfect charcoal insole! Trim to your foot size.


Greenfeet 3 is the world's first insole for athletic use and everyday use with a custom molded, super-light weight Carbon Fiber arch support spring plate. Greenfeet 3 also contains a Bamboo-charcoal Poliyou, an advanced open-cell polymer that is stronger, lighter and highly breathable. Of course, these insoles will also contain our trademarked Eco-fabric that makes this insole antibacterial, and deodorizing.
This orthotic designed with the help of kinesiologists, is made of a unique carbon fiber composite shell providing balance, stability and support without the bulk of normal orthotics. It is also lightweight and suitable for athletic use and long leisure walks.
Designed by podiatrists, all the design features required for orthotics are in this insole. Furthermore, the front of the insole can also be trimmed to fit several sizes. As a result, with
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only 3 sizes, we can fit almost all shoe sizes and this greatly reduces our cost which we can pass it on to our customers.

Now you can own your very own advanced insole that supports your arches with a curved carbon-fiber molded insert and a comfortable Bamboo-charcoal Poliyou and Eco-fabric top, to use for leisure or serious sports.

Molded Carbon-fiber arch spring plate is used as an ergonomic, lightweight arch support. User of these arch supports will not really notice them initially, but the balance and comfort they provide with prolonged use reduces aches and pains as the pressure will be more evenly spread across the feet instead of a few points. It allows people with foot problems to wear normal shoes as well, it supports:
? Flat feet ? Hallux Limitus ? Other forms of problems which limits foot motion
Bamboo Charcoal Poliyou is an advanced polymer made to replace conventional EVA Foam. Created in a special foaming process, it is stronger, lighter, and highly breathable. It has the following properties:
? Open cell structure: 95% ventilation effectiveness ? Moisture absorbing, quick drying ? Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ? Eco-friendly: excess materials are reusable.
Eco-fabric is a nanotech fiber made with embedded nano-particles of bamboo charcoal. This gives the fiber the properties of bamboo charcoal, making it:
? Antibacterial and antifungal ? Deodorizing ? Anti-static ? Absorbs & emits far infrared radiation for better blood circulation & metabolism ? Environmentally friendly

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Men's 4 - 7.5                                Men's 7.5 - 10.5                            Men's 10.5 - 13
Women's 5.5 - 9                           Women's 9 - 12                             Women's 12 - 14.5

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