Totally Scents-Less™ Oversize Pad (6" x 12")

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The Totally Scents-Less™ Flatulence Deodorizer™ - Oversized Pad for those who need extra protection! Made with activated charcoal cloth. The oversize pad is placed inside your undergarments. The activated charcoal cloth pad is thin (1/16 of an inch), comfortable, inconspicuous, washable and reusable. Quickly and completely absorbs the unpleasant odors associated with flatus (bowel gas). Made from the same material used in military chemical attack suits.
Totally Scents-Less™Activated Charcoal Flatulence Deodorizer (Oversize Pad) for those who need extra protection for unpleasant gas odors!

Large 6" wide x 12" long Activated Charcoal Cloth Pad.
Includes 10 pieces of our exclusive hypoallergenic tape.
You may cut it to size. Will effectively absorb groin odors.

Washable and reusable - up to several weeks of use - depending on usage.

Use it as a larger Flatulence Deodorizer or a small Chair Pad.

"I decided to order your OVERPAD size to give it a try and I am excited to tell you that it definitely minimizes the odor. I am able to wear it across my stomach underneath my panty to hold it in place. It has made a tremendous difference for my self confidence. I can sit side by side with someone and not worry about the smell."