Soil Dtox Saves Poisoned Nursery Plants

We recently had a large commercial nursery operation call us in a panic. The season for poinsettias was rapidly approaching and their plants were beginning to droop and die off...thousands of them.

After speaking with the manager of the greenhouse he informed me that one of their employees had applied a popular pre-emergent at an incorrect concentration. The chemical was never applied directly to beds with growing plants but, when it was discover it was applied at a rate of over 20 times what it should have been, it is no surprise the plants were starting to die. The chemical was festering in the air affecting the plants at a rapid rate.

We had the perfect solution. We shipped (overnight) two bags of our coal-based Soil Detox by Charcoal Green® to be applied to the affected area. They cleared the weepy poinsettias out the affected green houses and started applying our Soil Detox anywhere the chemical had been sprayed. After two days we received a call from the manager who was thrilled at how effective the initial results had been. They ended up ordering quite a bit more to insure they would get the chemical neutralized.

I explained several ways in which to neutralize the pre-emergent. A charcoal slurry can be made in a bucket of water by adding a few cups of activated charcoal powder. When transplanting the plants you want to dip the roots, soil and all, into the slurry. Most herbicide, turf builder, pesticide, and weed killer will be completely neutralized with this method.

After a few weeks we received an update stating that they were able to move the plants back into their greenhouse shortly after they sprayed with Soil Detox. The plants are now thriving and ready for their holiday debut!

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