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GROW GIANT PUMPKINS Charcoal Green® BIOCHAR PLUS - inoculated with beneficial soil microorganisms and enriched substrates (organic compost). Charcoal Green® BIOCHAR PLUS improves soil drainage, reduces soil compaction, increases nutrient cycling, gives greater retention of water in dry soils, improves germination, improves plant resistance to fungal disease, root feeding nematodes and insect infestations.

Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus - a biochar inoculated with beneficial soil microorganisms and enriched substrates (organic compost).

Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus helps bind organic toxins (such as herbicides) from soil to provide a safer environment for new or existing root systems.

Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus provides the following plant health benefits:
******Improved Soil Drainage
******More Neutral pH
******Reduced Soil Compaction
******Increased Nutrient Cycling
******Greater Retention of Water In Dry Soils
******Improved Germination
******Improved Plant Resistance To Fungal Disease, Root Feeding Nematodes and Insect Infestations

Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus is made by a team of horticultural professionals that specialize in the production and use of carbon-based soil amendments. With six years of field research in turf and agricultural applications, these products have made numerous achievements in crop health and productivity.

GROWING GIANT PUMPKINS & WATERMELONS (2009, 2010, & 2011 STATE RECORDS) - see links below!

Effects of Biochar on yield of Irish Potato, Sweet Corn and Tomato
* 10% increase in Sweet Corn yield
* 30 lb./acre savings in nitrogen for Irish Potatoes
* 51% yield increase in Tomato yield at first pick
* 22% increase in Tomato yield at the 5th pick
Yield of tomatoes was achieved by adding -

Great for organic gardeners who want to restore soil damaged by chemical treatments.

Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus is the perfect turf supplement for golf greens.

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When product arrives remove sticker from bucket lid so the biochar can "breathe". Do not store where product will become wet.


See Biochar Plus Product & Application Information Link below.

Charcoal Green® BIOCHAR PLUS  

 biochar-based biological inoculant containing microbes and enriched substrates. When added to growing media and native soils, research has shown that it promotes improved plant growth. 

Application Rate 

Turfgrass Establishment: Add 10 lbs. Biochar Plus per 1000 sq. ft. prior to seeding or laying down sod. Work into 4 – 6  inches of existing soil. Add seed, rake and water thoroughly.  

Maintenance: Following aeration, dethatching or scarification apply at 10 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. or mix with soil at a rate of 2 cups Biochar Plus per cu. ft. of soil. 

Vegetable Gardens: Mix 10 lbs. Biochar Plus per 1000 sq. ft. of planting row. Work into top 4 – 6 inches of soil; add seed or transplant, and water thoroughly. 

Trees and Shrubs: Mix 2 cups Biochar Plus per cu. ft. of soil from the planting hole. Place this mixture into the hole at 6 inch depth. Place tree or shrub into planting hole and fill with remainder of mix. 

Flower Beds: Mix 10 lbs. Biochar Plus per 1000 sq. ft. of planting bed, or incorporate 2 cups Biochar Plus per sq. ft. of soil from planting hole. 

Potted Plants: Use these amounts of Biochar Plus for the following pot sizes: 4² pot – 2 tsp.  

5² pot – 3½ tsp.  

6² pot – 2½ Tbsp.  

8² pot – 4½ Tbsp.  

12² pot – 1 cup. 

Vegetable and Flower Transplants: Add ¼² layer Biochar Plus to bottom of transplant hole. 

Directions For Use 

For best results product should be mixed into native soil or potting mixtures. When applied to soil surfaces, incorporate properly and water thoroughly. 


Due to the active and dormant microbial populations, under certain environmental conditions, this product may gain or lose weight. With this type of biological activity, it is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with this product. Unintended consequences may result due to factors beyond the control of or the seller. The buyer shall assume all such risks.          

Warranty Disclaimer warrants that this product conforms to the description on its label and is reasonably suited for the purposes as stated. In no event shall or the seller be held liable for any incidental, consequential, or special damages resulting from the use or handling of this product. The exclusive remedy of the buyer or user for all claims shall be the return of the purchase price of the product.   


Charcoal, composts, and the beneficial microorganisms in them.

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