Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER (Wood-based)- SAMPLE

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Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ (WOOD - POWDER) is an Activated Charcoal Powder specially manufactured from WOOD for agricultural applications. It is widely used in agriculture as a soil amendment to protect and enhance plant growth and vigor, and promote seed germination. Effectively decontaminate soil from chemical spills, pre-emergent herbicides, pesticide, and fertilizer applications. Widely used on golf greens, for turf grass management, and rye grass seed production.

Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ (WOOD - POWDER) effectively removes organic toxins, such as herbicides and pesticides from soil to provide a safe environment for new or existing root systems.

This product is a favorite with the Rye Grass Seed Industry (RGSI). In their planting schedule, the RGSI uses activated charcoal powder in suspension at the time of seeding. The charcoal slurry is injected over the seed in the row and promotes germination. Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ (WOOD - POWDER) is the favored product because it stays in suspension longer. It also goes back into suspension much more easily after sitting in the venturi tanks for long periods.

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Dramatically improves seed germination. Its ability to decontaminate soil is beneficial when replanting ornamentals, turf grass or food crops where herbicides such as preemergents have been previously applied.

Great for organic gardeners who want to restore soil damaged by chemical treatments, or from natural toxins like juglone from black walnut trees. Its dark color also soaks up heat to help artificially warm the soil and minimize the effects of light frosts or to allow earlier seeding of an area.

Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ can be used for most any chemical spill outside the home, whether on the lawn, in flower beds, around fruit trees, or on your putting green.

Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ is also widely used on large areas by golf courses, Depts. of Transport, and tractor farms to mitigate the effects of chemical spills, over application of herbicides, to enhance turf growth, or to promote rye grass seed germination, just to name a few applications. In most applications the area can be seeded 24 hrs after treatment with Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™.



Carefully scoop powder into a container of water and stir slowly. Product does not dissolve in water but becomes a suspension.Use about 1 pound Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ in one gallon of water for every 150sq ft of area.

You cannot over apply so there is no worry of using too much.


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