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KNITTED - Activated Carbon Cloth (1 yard ~ 3ft)

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CarboCloth® KNITTED Activated Carbon Cloth for Wound Dressings, NBC protective clothing, water purification, artifact protection, ODOR control, and more.

CarboCloth® Activated Carbon (Charcoal) Cloth was originally invented by the British Ministry of Defense for inclusion in chemical warfare suits. Today it has been developed for use in many odor control situations including industrial, medical, and domestic applications.
Activated Carbon Cloth has an extremely large surface area (1,000-2,000m2/g), being predominantly microporous. This, combined with the strong electrostatic forces developed within the cloth, enables the cloth to be highly efficient at adsorbing vapors and solvents.
Advantages of Activated Carbon Cloth
• 100% Activated Carbon
• Faster adsorption kinetics
• Higher purity filtration
• Higher Vapor uptake
• More efficient in humid applications.
• Smaller filtration beds
• Structurally self supporting***
• Textile type properties
• Long shelf life - can be hand-washed many times to remove minor soiling
***Must be laminated/quilted with other material for more than passive applications.

Applications for FM50K Knitted Activated Carbon Cloth

• Oil mist filters in compressed air
• Gas sensor protectors and filters
• Protection of artifacts from tarnish and degradation
• Water purification
• Electrodes
• NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Protective clothing, socks and gloves
• Wound dressings
• Catalyst media


Color - Black to grey, consisting wholly of activated carbon fibers.  Variation in color is possible; however this does not affect the performance.

Thickness - 0.4 to 0.6mm.

Faults - Small faults are repaired with a 2cm disc of the appropriate grade of carbon cloth bonded over the fault with thermally fusible web.  (Maximum 3 faults per meter permitted unless otherwise specified).

Width - 38 inches


For FULL 300 ft. rolls (ask for sample swatch - 1"x 3") please Contact Us at 308-665-1566

Product is shipped in a sealed sleeve