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CarboCloth™ DOUBLE LAMINATED KNIT Activated Carbon Cloth is made by laminating thin layer of polyester to each side of the carbon cloth, which makes it extremely durable. This is the choice for making bags, clothing, hidden pockets and more, to adsorb and conceal odors.  It is the easiest cloth to sew and work with. It can also be used over new mattresses for off gasing or new cars, to drape over the seats. When purchasing more than one meter, the fabric will come as one piece, for example: if you order five meters, the fabric will be five continuous meters.

CarboCloth™ DOUBLE LAMINATED KNIT Activated Carbon Cloth layers on each side of the activated carbon light weight knitted carbon cloth with a thin layer of polyester backing material. The polyester makes the fabric extremely durable and strong and protects the cloth from abrasion and other stresses which is incredibly useful for clothing applications, bags, hidden pockets and a myriad of other uses where you want to remove and conceal odors.
Comes 35” wide Sold in increments of Meters Only

Product Description:
Knitted Activated Carbon Cloth laminated on both sides to with a light weight polyester fabric


Composition of product:
A jersey like knitted fabric, black to grey in colour, consisting wholly of activated carbon fibers which have been laminated on both sides with a polyester fabric using a polyamide coating. Variation in colour of the ACC is possible; however this does not affect the performance.


Surface Density (CCCD Internal Test method based on BS EN 12127):
The typical dry weight of the ACC shall be in the range 90 to 130 grams per square meter (gsm).


Activity, Static (CCCD Internal Test method):
The uptake of Ethyl Acetate vapour for the ACC in dry air shall not be less than 33% w/w.


Thickness (CCCD Internal Test method based on BS EN ISO 5084):
The thickness shall be in the range 0.5 to 1.5mm.


Standard roll size:
Length 100 metres Width 85 centimetres
Other roll lengths and widths are available on request


Core Size:
32mm internal diameter cardboard cores (if slit 76mm diameter cores)


Individual pieces are end-to-end laminated using thermally fusible tape, to form continuous rolls, unless otherwise specified (6 joints per 100 metres unless otherwise specified).


Small faults are repaired with a 2cm disc of the appropriate grade of carbon cloth bonded over the fault with thermally fusible web. (Maximum 3 faults per metre permitted unless otherwise specified).


Rolls are first wrapped in polythene sheet, then ‘large bubble-wrap’, and are finally wrapped in an outer wrapping of polythene tubing.


Shelf Life:
Manurfacturer's studies have shown that store material does not degrade or lose its potentcy even after five years.
*Inert atmosphere free from odour/vapour at standard temperature and pressure, free from moisture and kept in original packaging.

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