Air Vent Register Filter - 6"x12" - 2 Pack

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PURE NON-SCENTS® Charcoal Air Vent Filter Fabric, A Super Natural Remedy, for smoke and other annoying odors such as laundry room and cooking smells. Ideal for apartments, condos and town houses where your neighbor's smoke and unwelcome odors enter your home.
Easy to Install:
  • Remove ceiling or floor vent register cover
  • Trim filter fabric panels to size
  • Place inside vent cover with the white side of fabric facing the air flow and carbon size facing the air out put
  • Reinstall vent register cover
  • Washable
  • Use lukewarm water with sodium bicarbonate
  • 2-3quarts of water to 1/2tsp of Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Hand wash with gentle motions
  • Rinse out
  • Air Dry

This process will maintain proper airflow but will not increase the longevity of the filter.

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