The Biochar Revolution

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"The Biochar Revolution" will inform you as it inspires you with the latest information from 18 biochar experts and authors - how to make biochar, test and use biochar, how to change the world with biochar, how to benefit financially from biochar, and, not last or least, how to garden and farm with biochar.

A friendly, informative inspiring and break-through reference guide for anyone interested in biochar or concerned about environmental issues. The book has contributions from 18 biochar Experts and Authors.


You'll Discover!

* Ancient Solutions to Modern Problems

* How to Produce Biochar

* How to Test and Use Biochar

* How to Change the World with Biochar

* The Financial Benefits of Biochar

*How to Garden and Farm with Biochar


Who should read this book

* Councils

* Foresters

* Gardeners

* Banana growers

* Sugarcane farmers

* Community gardeners

* Small and large farmers

* Waste management districts

* Small property owners generating green waste

* People who want to do something about climate change

* Government agencies, policy makers, in Australia, NZ, US, UK, and undeveloped countries.


The Biochar Revolution reads like a encyclopedic companion and testimonial. Dr. Taylor has the best people in academia  & industry, as well as the grassroots, hands-on journeymen, as authors. Their personal travails and triumphs in development and applications of biochar soil technologies are inspiring. In the collaborative traditions of Astrophysics, Dr. Taylor's day job, these authoritative innovators allow you to view this cohesive whole system of sustainable carbon management."

Erich J. Knight (Chairman - Markets and Business Committee, 2010 US Biochar Conference)

"I want to call this book: “Biochar, the Missing Manual.” This compendium of practical how-to articles on the art and science of biochar bridges the current gap between research and implementation of biochar systems. While basic research on the mechanisms of biochar-soil interactions proceeds at research institutions around the globe, farmers, blacksmiths, colliers and crafty inventors of all sorts have jumped into the business of biochar production and utilization. The Biochar Revolution collects the results and best practical advice that these entrepreneurs have to offer to the biochar community."

Kelpie Wilson (Author, Journalist, IBI Communications Editor)

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