The Ministry of Healing

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Author: E.G. White - Health and happiness go hand in hand. Never has it been more important to understand the physical and spiritual laws of health than today when stress, mental illness, heart disease, AIDS, cancer, and other diseases are ravaging our society. Is there a better way to live? Did God place within nature itself the secrets to long life and peace of mind? (224 pages)
E.G. White 's classic work that spells out God's plan for the health and happiness of the human family. 5 in. x 7½ in. (224 pages)

Even though there is no direct mention of the use of charcoal in this book, we have chosen to offer "The Ministry of Healing" because, during her times (1827 - 1915), E.G. White used, recommended and extolled the wonders of medicinal charcoal. She wrote to world famous Dr. John H Kellogg, "I expect you will laugh at this; but if I could give this remedy some outlandish name that no one knew but myself, it would have greater influence." (1897)

A hundred years later, radio personality and syndicated columnist Paul Harvey, reported regarding Ellen White: "Her writings have been translated into 148 languages. More than Marx or Tolstoy, more than Agatha Cristhie, more than William Shakespeare. Only now is the world coming to appreciate her recommended prescription for optimum spiritual and physical health. Ellen White! You don't know her? Get to know her."

The American Library of Congress has recognized Ellen White as the fourth most translated author in the world; the most translated female author in the world; and the most translated American author in the world. "The Ministry of Healing" is one of her books that has been translated into dozens of languages. Her philosophy of health is wrapped up in this paragraph:

"Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power - these are the true remedies. Every person should have a knowledge of nature's remedial agencies and how to apply them. It is essential both to understand the principles involved in the treatment of the sick and to have a practical training that will enable one rightly to use this knowledge.

The use of natural remedies requires an amount of care and effort that many are not willing to give. Nature's process of healing and upbuilding is gradual, and to the impatient it seems slow. The surrender of hurtful indulgences requires sacrifice. But in the end it will be found that nature, untrammeled, does her work wisely and well. Those who persevere in obedience to her laws will reap the reward in health of body and health of mind." The Ministry of Healing p. 44

All the proceeds from the sale of this book go to mission clinics.

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