Bamboo Charcoal Stalks

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Bamboo Charcoal Stalks all the way from Korea. Decorative, simple, elegant bamboo charcoal stalks for a creative display in any room for mild odor control is a sure conversation piece about the benefits and uniqueness of charcoal.

Premium Bamboo Charcoal Stalks
Decorative, simple, elegant bamboo charcoal stalks for a creative display in any room for mild odor control is a sure conversation piece about the benefits and uniqueness of charcoal.
Bamboo is actually a member of the grass family. So, when you cut it, it just grows back again, and quite quickly, so it is truly a renewable source. Because of its hard surface, it makes a quality charcoal.
Because charcoal absorbs and emits far infrared, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, is excellent for odor control and is even used medicinally, the people in the orient surround themselves with it. They place it abundantly and attractively around their home and even around their computers as charcoal captures microwaves! Amazing charcoal, our Creator's humble gift to man in the 21st century.
Ready for gift giving to the charcoal enthusiast!
Because the stalks size naturally vary, so do the amount in each box of which they range from 8 - 10 stalks approximately 10" in height, with a circumference of approximately 5" all together.
Made in Korea (this is 'not' an activated charcoal.)

Here is some additional information about your product.
1. Bamboo Charcoal is fragile. Please handle it with care. Carbon is a unique element in that it can be super hard (diamonds), or very soft (graphite - like what is used in pencil lead). Bamboo Charcoal is carbon with a hardness closer to graphite, so be careful.
2. When you open the box you may find a few stalks are broken. This is normal, your box made a long trip from Asia to the USA, and then on to you!
3. Here's what you can do with the broken stalks:
  • Place a couple pieces in the refrigerator to help control odors.
  • Put some pieces in a plastic bag or other sealed container along with your fruits and vegetables. The Bamboo Charcoal will absorb the ethylene gas released from the fruits and vegetables as they ripen, helping to keep your produce fresh for far longer than otherwise.
  • Place 1 or 2 pieces in your fish tanks (salt or fresh water) to help keep the water cleaner longer. The Bamboo Charcoal will also release beneficial minerals into the water to improve the environment for your fish.
  • Crush up the pieces and mix the granules into your potted plant or garden soil to keep the soil fresh and clean for your plantings.


Drinking Water Filtration – boil several stalks for 10 minutes, and then only use those stalks for water purification. Place the stalks in a pitcher of tap water to remove chlorine, chlorides and other chemicals and impurities as well as add beneficial minerals from the bamboo charcoal to the water. Crystal clear water that tastes great!

Here's how to decorate with and use your Bamboo Charcoal:

  • Place the stalks in a decorative vase, basket, or other container of your choice.
  • Locate your decorative container on a shelf, bookcase, table, etc.
  • You should use 1-2 boxes of Bamboo Charcoal in each room of your home, 3-4 in larger rooms.


Use Bamboo Charcoal to prepare perfect drinking water.

  • Wash the bamboo charcoal stalks and pieces in running water until any black powder has been removed. Do not use soap or cleaners.
  • Boil the bamboo charcoal for ten minutes to sterilize, then allow to dry completely.
  • Place 1-2 stalks or several pieces of bamboo charcoal in a pitcher and fill with tap water. Wait 8 hours then use this filtered and mineralized bamboo charcoal water for drinking and in your coffee maker and tea kettle. The bamboo charcoal will filter numerous impurities in the water and add beneficial minerals including calcium, potassium and magnesium.
  • Replace the bamboo charcoal every month. You can crush the used bamboo charcoal and sprinkle into potted plant or garden soil to improve the quality of the soil. This is a wonderful way to create a truly circular, no waste lifecycle for your charcoal! ENJOY.