Kitty's Odor Stopper - Cat Litter Odor Control - Eliminates Odor Naturally - Fragrance Free

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Odor Stopper eliminates cat litter box odors, is Non-Toxic, Child Safe, and Scent Free.

Kitty's Odor Stopper, stops feline litter odor in its tracks. It eliminates them and not just covers them up with a noxious perfume and or chemical. Kitty's Odor Stopper is NON TOXIC, Chemical free, Activated Charcoal Granular. It is ideal for the chemically sensitive person or animal and of course is safe for both humans and pets if ingested.
Just one half cup into the litter box and will extend the life of your kitty's litter box by at least 50% or more and be odor free as well.
May also be used in compost pails, garbage cans or most anywhere you have something 'stinky' going on!
4 lb - Gallon Jug (64 ounces)
By: Pure NonScents™ 'Where No Scents, Makes Good Sense.'


I would just like to make a testimonial as to how lucky I was to come upon your product Kitty's Odor Stopper litterbox additive. After trying three different products, all were completely unsuccessful at holding down the very strong ammonia smell of my cat's urine. I have two cats. One has been on the well-known veterinary prescription canned food designed to flush a lot of urine through the kidneys resulting in high nitrogen/ammonia urine. For the past seven years I have had to completely replace the litter and scrub out two litterboxes, including the hoods, every ten days! This was causing me much distress because it was taking up so much of my time, and costing a lot in 40 lb. bags of litter. (Good thing I love my pets so much!) I use non-clumping litter only.

My guardian angel must have drawn my attention to a feedback article on a website mentioning this company "" I had known about the purifying effects of charcoal so I had high hopes for this attempt. And I wasn't disappointed, this was a big time winner. I use two heaping cups in each litterbox, (along with their regular litter) one as the bottom layer and one as the top layer. The litterboxes now go for over THREE WEEKS without having to dump the litter! UNBELIEVABLE. It is a great feeling knowing something actually works. What a relief, finally! I am so grateful to this company for producing a genuine product such as this, and that is truly a lifesaver. And a big THANK YOU for offering it in the bigger bulk sizes. It is now a basic staple in my life. Thank you ever so much from a devoted customer.
Lorrie C,
New Jersey
"I would like to express my appreciation for your product Kitty Odor Stopper! We have tried several products and litters to help with urine odor but none have been effective till we found your product. It is amazing! I use a natural wheat based clumping litter and when I clean the box everyday I take out what clumps and sprinkle a little of the Odor Stopper and then cover it lightly back over with the litter. No smell at all and it extends the life of the litter box and litter greatly which is a huge savings. Thank You!"

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