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Bird Charcoal - Two Sizes

Bird Charcoal - an excellent digestive aid that also adsorbs certain microbes and their toxins in the stomach. TWO SIZES for Small and Large birds. Small granular Bird Charcoal suitable for canaries, parakeets, love birds and finches. May be sprinkled in small amount over food, or in a small treat cup or even over cage paper on the bottom of the cage.

Bird Charcoal - Granular charcoal is an excellent feed supplement that aids in digestion as well as absorbing certain microbes and their toxins in the stomach/gizzard. It can be mixed with the feed, sprinkled on the bottom of bird cages, or spread in outdoor areas as a feed scratch.


SMALL grain: for canaries, parakeets, love birds and finches

LARGE GRAIN: for chickens, pigeons, parrots, turkeys, and other domestic foul.


Gary raises racing pigeons, about 150 of them.

“That bird charcoal (LARGE) really works. I mix a ratio of 1 scoop of charcoal to 5 scoops of regular grit and just have it there for them every day. I’ve noticed that their general health is better – better droppings and better feather quality. I’ll be telling all my pigeon friends.”

Gary, Texas

Aug 2008

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